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FKM, founded in 1967 and acquired by Dr. Ulrich Freudenberg in 1998, FKM has continued to successfully expand its product offering and operations. The FKM USA manufacturing, sales and service site was founded in 2001 and the production and marketing facility in China was founded in 2007.

Dr. Freudenberg pioneered the formulation of purposefully developed nonwoven fabrics designed for the specific cleaning, deoiling and tensioning of steel strip and blank materials. FKM's proprietary fabrics are produced exclusively for FKM's roll businesses around the world by the Freudenberg Nonwovens Group, a family company that Dr. Freudenberg is a part of.

FKM's level of product control and consistency has proven to be a substantial advantage for FKM customers and had led to the development of materials used in a variety of other, diverse industries, such as metals, automotive, textile and paper.

FKM is active in the development and the manufacture of new coatings, finishing techniques and production process improvements for rolls used in a variety of diverse applications. Dedication to innovation is evident in the recent introduction of FKM's rotary casting process for polyurethane roll products.

Knowledge shared between FKM facilities in the USA, Germany and China aids to strengthen and unify product production and delivers FKM customers a high level of global service. Personal service, attention to detail and a customer-centric business attitude make FKM a reliable business partner.

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